Standard Notes, the encrypted, open source note taking app, is now available as a Snap application on the Snapcraft store.

This makes it super easy to install the productivity tool on Linux distributions like Ubuntu and Manjaro.

Not familiar with Standard Notes? It’s a cross-platform note taking tool available on all major desktop operating systems, as well as mobile and web.

Using it you can create multiple notes, apply tags, search, and sync your stuff between devices securely, using end-to-end-encryption.

Standard Notes is both open source and free to use — you can even run your own self-hosted server — but an “extended” plan is available for those who want to support the project and its ideas.

Standard Notes Extended costs from $9.99 a month (though you have the option of paying for 5 years upfront, saving you 75%) and offers some compelling extras in return including:

  • Additional editors, including markdown, code, WSIYWG
  • Additional themes
  • Daily backups delivered to email or cloud provider

Privacy conscious, students, as well as the severely organised will no doubt find the monthly subscription more than reasonable given the capabilities offered.

But the tools available on a free account, which one suspects most readers will evaluate the app on, is a little, shall we say, lacking?

A no-frills text editor

While you can create as many notes and tag as you want you can’t apply any sort of text formatting to your note. Or insert images. Or create links. Or cross-reference your notes.

For free users Standard Notes is effectively a securely syncing plain text editor — which for many will be more than enough!

And you do get access to the auto-saving, note revisions (history), and note archiving, pinning and locking.

Other open source options

Am I the target audience for this (and similar) apps? Probably not. I don’t takes notes very often, and when I do I don’t need to do anything particularly clever with them besides add links and check lists.

Other open source note taking tools like include SimpleNote (made by the makers of WordPress) and Joplin (an oft-recommended free alternative to Evernote) but these do lack some of Standard Notes’s more assured selling points, like encryption, self-hosting, and note revisions.

Install Standard Notes (Snap)

Standard Notes is free, open source software available to download for all major operating systems from the project website and from Github.

To install the Standard Notes (Snap) on Ubuntu you can press this button to open the app listing in the Ubuntu Software app:

Click to install Standard Notes

Alternatively you can install Standard Notes from the command line on Snap-supported Linux distros:

sudo snap install standard-notes

Once installed, you’ll need to register for an account using a valid e-mail address.

Be aware that, due to the encryption assurances, you cannot reset your account password should you forget it — so pick something secure but eminently memorable!

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