Last week I spotlighted Noted, a (rather splendid) keyboard-driven note taking app for macOS and Linux — but some of you weren’t convinced.

It wasn’t the app per se; you liked its clean UI, and you liked its minimally-minded feature set. What you didn’t like was the fact it is built using Electron, and the fact it is ‘closed source’ software.

But you know what they say: you wait all year for one keyboard-driven note taking app to turn up, then two come along at once…

Notorious is a GTK Note Taking App

Screenshot of the Notorious app
Notorious even supports Markdown

Notorious is a new note taking app for Linux desktops that is open source and built in GTK and Python.

It does everything Noted does (plus a bit more) but without any of Electron’s RAM guzzling tendencies in play.

You can write your notes in plaintext (ergo you can style them anyway you like) but the app also supports Markdown syntax highlighting (not enable by default). Automatic saving is also included.

Notorious boasts a keyboard driven interface. You do not need to use a mouse to take, edit, search, or manage your notes. You can do everything you need to using keyboard shortcuts.

And if you forget them? Well, you can option a cheat-sheet by focusing the app and pressing ctrl + ?.

Although Notorious lacks a built-in cloud sync option — a bonus, in many ways — it does allow you to pick a folder in which to store your notes. So, if you do want to “sync” your notes between systems, you can leverage a third-party cloud service like Dropbox or SpiderOak to keep things accessible.

Notorious features at-a-glance:

  • Keyboard driven UI
  • Light and dark modes
  • Autosave
  • Optional Markdown support
  • Configurable save location
  • Keyboard shortcuts

Notorious is available to install on your Linux distro of choices via Flathub, the Flatpak App Store. It’s also available in the AUR under the package name notorious-git (!).

Notorious on Flathub

There’s no sign of a Snap package yet, but as this is open source…

h/t Gabriele

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