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Navisurfer II serves up Ubuntu in a fresh way

Have you gone the extra mile to install Ubuntu on every device you possibly can, even your kitchen toaster? When you get yourself a shiny new car, is the first thing you do customize it? Then the Navisurfer II is just what you need to "pimp your ride".

21 February 2011
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Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.07 Coming to ARM In July, Gets Demoed on ARM netbook

A new version of Ubuntu Netbook Edition optimized for ARM-based devices is due for release in July. Called ‘Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.7′ it will be based on Ubuntu 10.04. A video, showing off Ubuntu NBE […]

23 June 2010
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Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook to get ‘global menu’ panel

Mark Shuttleworth today blogged about an exciting new interface development due for inclusion in Ubuntu 10.10 UNE: the adoption of a global menu panel. Why? The rationale is simple: It increases vertical space by reducing […]

27 April 2010
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AbiWord & Gnumeric To Replace OpenOffice in Ubuntu Netbook Edition

A few days ago we shared word that the suite of apps was to be dropped from default installs of Ubuntu 10.04 Netbook Edition. Many of you cheered, many of you did a double-take […]

8 February 2010
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OpenOffice Dropped From Ubuntu Netbook Edition

Update #2: OpenOffice BACK in Netbook Edition – read more here Update #1: AbiWord & Gnumeric To Replace OpenOffice OpenOffice has been removed from Ubuntu Netbook Edition – at least for now. Developers are currently […]

5 February 2010
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Ubuntu Netbook Remix To Be Renamed

The familiar name of Ubuntu Netbook Remix will disappear come Lucid Lynx in favour of a more official sounding name – Ubuntu Netbook Edition. The official blueprint for this change puts the case for the […]

16 November 2009
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Visual Tour n’ Tweak Guide To Ubuntu Karmic Netbook Remix

I previously covered Ubuntu Karmic desktop and Kubuntu Netbook Remix, but despite using Karmic NBR i haven’t really touched on it! Until now… The majority of features in the Netbook Remix are the same as […]

28 October 2009
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Karmic Netbook Remixes: Kubuntu 1, Ubuntu 0

Karmic Koala will see the release of TWO official Netbook Remixes – Ubuntu NBR and Kubuntu NBR. LEt’s take a look at both as of Alpha 5… Ubuntu Karmic Koala Netbook Remix Refined, Stylish and, […]

7 September 2009
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Ubuntu Netbook Remix Gets A Facelift For Karmic

Ubuntu’s ‘Netbook Remix’ interface is undergoing a makeover in time for Karmic Koala’s October release. The new layout merges the previous two side panes into one, opting to place folder shortcuts in a ‘Files & […]

10 August 2009
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Ubuntu Moblin Remix – UPDATED

Some exciting tidbits coming from the in-session UDS… The Ubuntu Mobile Team will be prepping a ‘one time’ release of ‘Ubuntu Moblin Remix’ – combining the sexy new Moblin 2 interface with the stability of […]

27 May 2009
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Jaunty Netbook Remix

The oncoming release of Jaunty will also see the first release of an official netbook version of Ubuntu – namely the Ubuntu Netbook Remix. Whilst the interface has been floating about for a while and is easily […]

24 March 2009
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What Is The Best Netbook Operating System

Netbook’s are funny little machines. Powerful enough to be awesome mobile devices but underpowered and not suited to support most ‘Operating Systems’ fully. Windows Vista is an excellent example of an OS coupled with Netbook’s […]

14 December 2008