The familiar name of Ubuntu Netbook Remix will disappear come Lucid Lynx in favour of a more official sounding name – Ubuntu Netbook Edition.

The official blueprint for this change puts the case for the change succinctly: –

Ubuntu Netbook Remix has now been a part of the Ubuntu cycle for two
releases now, and it should drop the Remix, and become Ubuntu Netbook

and the meeting at UDS put it similarly: –

“Remix” is an unofficial edition of Ubuntu that has been modified; we’re beyond that point and UNR is now official.

Cases For
“Netbook Remix” sounds odd to Joe Public whereas they respond knowingly to the word ‘edition’, instantly knowing it’s a separate and distinct yet  part of the same line; simply knowing it to be another version. In this case the name spells out that this is a version of Ubuntu for Netbooks. “Remix” isn’t as clear a term.

Case Against
Ubuntu Netbook Remix has become a “brand” almost; people hear the name and instantly know what it is. Changing it may confuse those less enamored with Linux and Ubuntu and lead them to think their OS has been discontinued. It may sound like yet another netbook OS rather than a simply re-branding.

Regardless of cases for or against the decision has been made. There are also talks about renaming Ubuntu Moblin Remix to Ubuntu Moblin Edition, too. 

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