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OpenOffice Dropped From Ubuntu Netbook Edition

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Update #2: OpenOffice BACK in Netbook Edition – read more here

Update #1: AbiWord & Gnumeric To Replace OpenOffice

OpenOffice has been removed from Ubuntu Netbook Edition – at least for now.

Developers are currently discussing the application line up for the official netbook spin and this includes proposals to drop applications that are irrelevant to netbook usage or just plain useless on a netbook.

Whilst OpenOffice doesn’t neatly fall into either of this its removal was proposed and, as of the current Lucid Daily builds, it’s gone. Documents will instead open up in Google Docs.

Other applications removed or hidden in the Netbook Edition are: –

  • Brasero/CD Creator hidden
  • Dictionary hidden
  • ‘Take Screenshot’ tool hidden
  • Tomboy removed
  • Graphics applications removed
  • PalmOS Pilot removed

In their place sit more ‘netbook friendly’ applications such as: –

  • Gwibber
  • Cheese Web Cam Booth
  • SimpleScan
Thanks to om26er