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ASUS Revive The Netbook With Sub-$300 Model, Offer Ubuntu Option

If it looks like a netbook, feels like a netbook then it probably is a netbook right? ASUS don't think so.

22 April 2013
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Five Ubuntu-powered Netbooks & Laptops That Don’t Cost The Earth

So you want a new netbook or ultra-portable, but you don't want Windows on it. With Ubuntu being free you're probably wondering why so many devices pre-installed with Ubuntu are expensive. If you look around you'll soon find there are a lot of choices. Here OMG! Ubuntu! picks five reasonably priced Ubuntu-installed laptops and netbooks.

22 June 2011
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Pre-Unity Ubuntu Netbook Launcher is resurrected; put in a PPA

Users of Ubuntu 10.10 and 11.04 can now once again install the pre-Unity Ubuntu Netbook Interface thanks to some repackaging magic by Martin 'Doctor Mo' Owens.

23 May 2011
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Hercules unveil new eCAFE netbooks running Ubuntu Netbook Remix

Little known and obscure laptop manufacturer Hercules have today rolled out a couple of new ARM netbooks into the UK market dubbed the "Slim HD" and "Ex HD," touting Ubuntu Netbook Remix.

31 March 2011

Ubuntu Netbook Edition To Be Discontinued

Canonical has announced that 'Ubuntu Netbook Edition' - the netbook-orientated version of the Ubuntu operating system - will be 'folded' into 'Ubuntu Desktop Edition' for Ubuntu 11.04, with the latter being rebranded simple as 'Ubuntu'.

9 March 2011
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How to get your Realtek card reader working in Ubuntu

This guide will walk owners of HP Mini 110 series and Compaq Mini CQ10-500 series netbook owners - along with any one else owning a device using a Realtek rts5159 card reader - through downloading and installing the required driver.

21 February 2011
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How to Maximise screen space in Ubuntu

Squashed for screen space? Whilst my desktop has 1440x900 glorious pixels to fill my netbook sadly doesn't. As such I tend to run all my apps max­i­mized on my netbook, I noticed that by removing the title bar from app windows could free up some much needed room - but how do you go about doing it?

13 January 2011
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Uniteee: 7 days with Ubuntu Unity on a 7” screen

If you’re not already aware of Ubuntu 10.10’s new netbook interface, called ‘Unity’, then I would sincerely ask you to point to the rock under which you have been living. The sexy, stylish and visually […]

17 September 2010
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Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.07 Coming to ARM In July, Gets Demoed on ARM netbook

A new version of Ubuntu Netbook Edition optimized for ARM-based devices is due for release in July. Called ‘Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.7′ it will be based on Ubuntu 10.04. A video, showing off Ubuntu NBE […]

23 June 2010
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Jolicloud netbook OS adds touch screen support

Netbook-centric operating system Jolicloud will be adding support for various touchscreen displays ‘out of the box’ in its next release. Jolicloud, which is based on Ubuntu, have released a video demonstrating well touch support in […]

15 June 2010
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Jupiter – Awesome Netbook Power/Config Applet

Jupiter is a hardware and power management applet for Linux and perfect for power-saving on netbooks and Laptops. Born from the bones of the popular EeeTray applet, Jupiter sees a shift in focus towards better […]

21 February 2010
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Easily Install Android On A Netbook

Although we here at OMG! Ubuntu! are Ubuntu fans it’s always interesting (and exciting!) to take a peek at what else also exists out there in the crowded jungle of OSes. Today we’re going to […]

13 December 2009