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O/T – Make Firefox Netbook Friendly

Below is a short tutorial on how to make Firefox space friendly. I have a netbook which my sister borrows from time to time and although my main browser is Opera 10 on it, my […]

18 September 2009
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Karmic Netbook Remixes: Kubuntu 1, Ubuntu 0

Karmic Koala will see the release of TWO official Netbook Remixes – Ubuntu NBR and Kubuntu NBR. LEt’s take a look at both as of Alpha 5… Ubuntu Karmic Koala Netbook Remix Refined, Stylish and, […]

7 September 2009
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Ubuntu Netbook Remix Gets A Facelift For Karmic

Ubuntu’s ‘Netbook Remix’ interface is undergoing a makeover in time for Karmic Koala’s October release. The new layout merges the previous two side panes into one, opting to place folder shortcuts in a ‘Files & […]

10 August 2009
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Custom Netbook Ubuntu Interfaces

With the popularity of netbooks almost cemented into computing history as unrivalled fact, Ubuntu has been a very popular choice for OEMs to slap on to their tiny laptops. Ubuntu’s backers, Canonical, positioned Ubuntu as […]

28 July 2009
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What Is The Best Netbook Operating System

Netbook’s are funny little machines. Powerful enough to be awesome mobile devices but underpowered and not suited to support most ‘Operating Systems’ fully. Windows Vista is an excellent example of an OS coupled with Netbook’s […]

14 December 2008