Netbook-centric operating system Jolicloud will be adding support for various touchscreen displays ‘out of the box’ in its next release.

Jolicloud, which is based on Ubuntu, have released a video demonstrating well touch support in Jolicloud 1.0 is working. It looks especially nice coupled with the new HTML5 based launcher screen developed by Jolicloud.

Jolicloud touchscreen demo

I’m not too sure how well Ubuntu Netbook Edition holds up under touch-control but I’m sure it’s more than acceptable, albeit not as visually slick as Jolicloud. The large finger-friendly launcher screen is certainly conducive to being poked although the very tiny ‘window picker’ applet probably requires some finely sharpened finger nails (or the use of a stylus) for precise selection.

Thankfully Ubuntu Unity seems more finger friendly with chunky icons, responsive slide controls on the dock etc and should help give those users who have touchscreen netbooks/devices reason to smudge their fingers all over their screens.

In the mean time Jolicloud 1.0 has really got me drooling…

jolicloud netbook touch