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Add Ubuntu One style dark toolbars to all apps in Ubuntu

Want UbuntuOne Control Panel style 'dark toolbars' in all of your Ubuntu apps? Now you can using the following modified version of the default Ubuntu theme, installable via PPA.

20 May 2011
Nautilus Elementary After

Ubuntu One style Nautilus Elementary theme [Download]

It's no secret that I love the new look Ubuntu One Control Panel in Ubuntu 11.04: it's slick, integrated and raises the overall sheen of the Ambiance theme in Ubuntu. DeviantArtist simplygreat likes it too. So much that he's created a simple 'hack' for Nautilus-Elementary that brings the style of the Ubuntu One Control Panel to the popular file-browser Nautilus-Elementary. More info and download link inside.

6 May 2011

Unity panel button replacements for Elementary and Orta

The ability to easily customise your desktop is, arguably, one of the boons of using Linux. Unity is no exception. The following hack allows you to fully integrate some of the more popular 3rd party themes into the Unity desktop.

3 May 2011
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Phew! Nautilus-Elementary revived in time for Ubuntu Natty

Elementary's Nautilus-fork 'Nautilus-elementary' has been revived - just in-time for Ubuntu 11.04! The project, which was announced as no longer being in development last November, has proven incredibly popular with users of various distributions thanks to to its refined, uncluttered interface and themeable features. Writing on his blog Nautilus-Elementary's chief developer, ammonkey, gave his reasons for the revival, which are after the break...

20 March 2011
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How to Change Sidebar colour in Nautilus-Elementary

Change the colour of Nautilus-Elementary's side to gain better integration with your favourite theme. Ambiance is a fantastic theme and Nautilus-Elementary easily sets the standard for user-friendly file-managers. When both are used together things don't always look as good as they could. Here's how to remedy that with some copy-and-paste pizazz.

16 January 2011
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Nautilus-Elementary is dead, long live ‘Marlin’

The honeymoon is over folks: Nautilus-elementary is no longer being actively developed. The elementary team are instead turning their attention towards creating a file browser that does everything they want it to, and it's called Marlin.

8 November 2010
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Nautilus-Elementary PPA now working for Maverick users

Ubuntu 10.10 testers missing their Nautilus-Elementary fix will be pleased to hear that the "issues" previously preventing Maverick users from using the redux-ed file-browser have now been solved. PPA and details on new features tucked up inside.

15 September 2010
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Help translate Nautilus-elementary into your native tongue

Everyone's favourite alternative Nautilus get-up Nautilus-Elementary has opened its doors for translations on launchpad. If you'd love to see it supporting your language then why not help out? Details after the break.

15 September 2010
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Enable CoverFlow in Nautilus-Elementary for Maverick

Quick tip, courtesy of reader Dhananjay, for Maverick-using Nautilus-Elementary fans. “The latest nautilus revision from the bzr (ver. 108) has got back the good old clutterflow (coverflow )to elmenatry 2.31+ branch.” You need to compile […]

7 September 2010
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Nautilus-Elementary PPA for Ubuntu 10.10 ready – already!

Early testers, adopters or unaware-upgraders of Ubuntu 10.10 missing their Nautilus-Elementary fix will be pleased to hear that  a testing PPA is ready – already! Shouts out, as ever, to the ace ammonkey and, for […]

27 July 2010
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Nautilus-Elementary opens testing for Maverick & intros new Zeitgeist search

One for the Maverick users amongst you – Ammonkey, Nautilus-Elementary’s hard-working and talented developer, has made available for testing the latest work on the refined browser for the early adopters. The new testing branch, based on nautilus 2.31.3+,  not […]

28 June 2010
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Toolbar editor now in Nautilus-Elementary PPA

Nautilus-Elementary have added a toolbar editor in an update to their simplified-spin of the titular file browser. We showed you a preview of the new toolbar editor a week ago, along with a link to […]

5 June 2010