One for the Maverick users amongst you – Ammonkey, Nautilus-Elementary’s hard-working and talented developer, has made available for testing the latest work on the refined browser for the early adopters.

The new testing branch, based on nautilus 2.31.3+,  not only brings the minimal tones of NE to 10.10 but also throws into the mix Zeitgeist search integration, making finding what you’re looking for so much easier. Offering up the reasons behind the switch, Ammonkey describes the stock search mechanism present in Nautilus and why the Elementary team felt that it wasn’t conducive to a great user experience: –

 “But what is a nautilus simple search? It’s the search engine that you use with nautilus if you don’t have any indexed search engine installed (like tracker or beaggle ). It browse all your hard disk looking for your query string, it’s the equivalent of a find shell command. This search engine is not compatible with a “search as you type” mode as every time you re gonna hit a letter in the search entries, this simple engine gonna rebrowse again and again all the directories structures. And you have to configure which dir you want to search. 

It’s not very intuitive and the search are pretty slow that’s why people prefer indexed system like tracker and now zeitgeist too.”

You can find full install instructions over on Ammonkey’s blog but do take heed of the notice that this will not work on Lucid – because it really won’t!