It has been two weeks to the day since I shared my enthusiasm for DeviantArtist SimplyGreat’s ‘UbuntuOne style Nautilus-Elementary theme’.

I still love his work – which gives Nautilus-elementary users an ‘UbuntuOne’ themed file browser toolbar – but what if you want to extend this ‘look’ throughout all of your GTK+ applications? That’s where this post comes in.

dark toolbars in Ubuntu 11.04

Global dark toolbars

Put together by Dashua, the following Natty-only PPA contains a modified version of the Ubuntu light themes that applies this ‘dark toolbar’ style to all of your installed GTK+ applications.

As this ‘style’ is very much in-progress it doesn’t work correctly with all applications. Bear this in mind before installing, and make a back-up of the original Ambiance theme in case you wish to revert.

Also provided via Dashua’s PPA is a patched version of Nautilus-Elementary.

Getting the changes

You can upgrade your version of Ambiance and Nautilus with these unsupported changes by adding ‘ppa:dashua/ppa’ to your software sources. Don’t know how to do that? See here.

Once added, run the ‘Update Manager’ to apply the relevant updates. Select ‘Ambiance’ in the ‘Appearance Properties’ window for the theme to take effect. You may need to log out and back in in-order for changes to Nautilus to appear.

Also note that this version of Ambiance has ‘Faenza’ set as the default icon set. If you don’t wish to use the Faenza icon pack you can change. Click the ‘customize’ button in ‘Appearance Preferences’, go to the ‘icon’ tab and choose an icon set of your choosing. The default ‘Ubuntu icon set’ is ‘Ubuntu Mono Dark’.

Tip via NerdyKid

Download ambiance Eye Candy nautilus-elementary themes