Quick tip, courtesy of reader Dhananjay, for Maverick-using Nautilus-Elementary fans.

“The latest nautilus revision from the bzr (ver. 108) has got back the good old clutterflow (coverflow )to elmenatry 2.31+ branch.”

You need to compile it with both libclutk-dev and libclutter-gst-dev (available via Synaptic) for the Clutterflow feature to work and please do be aware that this is a development branch and comes with no guarantees of being remotely stable. You use it at your own risk.


Assuming you’ve already got bzr installed (cos if you haven’t you’re probably better off waiting until this hits a PPA at some point)

    • bzr branch lp:nautilus-elementary/2.31+
    • ./configure –prefix=/usr –enable-clutter-view
    • make && sudo make install

Now press ALT + F2 together and enter: –

    • nautilus -q

To enable the flow view in a particular folder just hit F4.

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