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Nautilus Elementary adds Toolbar Editor; fulfils bug opened in 2001

Nautilus-Elementary – the simplified and gorgeous file-browser that is fast turning heads everywhere – will soon be adding a new feature that users the world over have been asking GNOME developers to include by default […]

31 May 2010
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Nautilus-Elementary With Zeitgeist Brings Semantic file browsing to Ubuntu [Screencast]

Nautilus-Elementary developer ammonkey  has kindly provided OMG! Ubuntu! with a screen cast demonstrating Zeitgeist integration with the popular well designed file manager the pairing of which see’s, potentially, the first semantic file browser for GNOME. […]

12 May 2010
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CoverGloobus & Gloobus Preview Come to Lucid

Lucid users missing their fix of desktop album are and slick file previews need miss no-more – CoverGloobus & Gloobus-Preview are now available for Lucid via the relevant PPA’s. Cover Gloobus We’ve mentioned/loved/raved/enteradjectivehere about Gover-Gloobus […]

4 May 2010
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Tyler on Ubuntu: Nautilus

Guest post by Tyler James With the release of Nautilus-Elementary 2.30 I’ve been thinking quite a bit about File Browsers. I did a comparisonof the 4 file browsers I see the most often, (Finder, Nautilus, […]

26 April 2010