The honeymoon is over folks: Nautilus-elementary is no longer being actively developed.

The elementary team are instead turning their attention towards creating a file browser that does everything they want it to, and it’s called Marlin.

Elementary file browser Marlin
Marlin - how it looks today


Marlin is developed with gtk3 and other Gnome3 technologies. The core is written in C and the interface in vala. The file browser also ‘borrows’ some elements from XFCE file-browser Thunar – such as auto highlight selection and rubberbanding for listview in single click mode.

Don’t expect a stable release for quite a while, however. Marlin may have a list view and some miller columns right now but it also has an enormous TODO list!

Regardless of the wait this is a great step for the elementary team to have taken and one which will inevitably reap many rewards for users everywhere -particularly if elements of Dan Rabbit’s earlier Marlin mock-up remain.

Long live Marlin!

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