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‘Mousai’ is Song Recognition App for Linux

Mousai is a song recognition app for Linux desktops. A Shazam alternative, Mousai listens to a song you play and identifies it within seconds. Try it out!

4 August 2021
lplayer - a minimalistic audio player

LPlayer is a new, minimal audio player for Linux

Sometimes I want listen to a couple of podcast episodes or audio tracks back-to-back, without the hassle of adding them to my media library. LPlayer could be the minimalist audio player for Linux that I’ve been […]

15 March 2018
GNOME Music Screenshot

Music, The GNOME Music Player, Is Getting Smart New Features

Music, the GNOME music player that isn’t Rhythmbox, has been quietly progressing in the past few GNOME releases. The app now has a basic feature set that ticks all the right boxes, e.g. search, smart playlists, etc […]

17 June 2015

Mass Effect Composer Offers To Create New Ubuntu Start-Up Sound

An award winning composer, best known for work on the Mass Effect trilogy of games, is offering to create a new start-up sound for Ubuntu.

11 September 2013
Spotify on Linux Beta with Apps

Spotify on Linux Beta Adds Spotify Apps

As previously announced Spotify on Linux now supports free accounts but the current stable release of the Linux client does not yet offer the newer features such as Spotify Apps. Spotify recently released a beta version […]

27 December 2011
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Search Grooveshark Tracks From the Unity Music Lens

A new 'scope' for Ubuntu's Unity Music Lens presents results from online music service 'Grooveshark' amongst your local collection. When searching for an artist, track title or album title via the Unity Music Lens or Dash, the scope displays relevant tracks and albums playable through the Grooveshark music streaming service.

18 November 2011
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GNOME 3: Awesome Designs for “Music” and “Documents” File Browsing

New and exciting ways of interacting with files are being explored in GNOME 3. Rather than just navigate to and 'view' your files the following designs show off features and interfaces that are helpful, modern and in keeping with the modern GNOME desktop.

25 July 2011
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Tomahawk media player adds PPA but not much else

I billed Tomahawk as a media player with potential after my first play with it last month, so when I heard that Tomahawk recently added a PPA for Ubuntu 10.10 and 11.04 users to install from I decided to check it out and see whether anything had changed.

19 April 2011
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HTML5 browser-based media player: plays your mp3’s & works offline

"Yawn - yet another music player?" might be your first reaction at the sight of yet-another media player gracing the pages of OMG! Ubuntu, but this one is actually rather special. The HTML5-written media player runs in the browser (so what?) but is designed to play back your local media: your entire music library can be added and played through it.

30 March 2011
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Clementine music player hits 0.7 RC

Lightweight music player Clementine pushes out a release candidate ahead of its forthcoming 0.7 release.

21 March 2011
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Review: Guayadeque 0.2.9 – the lightweight music app

In this guest post, Alejandro Tamalet shares his thoughts on lightweight music application Guayadeque.

18 March 2011
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Songbird Hits Version 1.9.3, Linux Build Available

Although "official" builds of Songbird for Linux are no longer distributed the Songbird community still provide 32bit Linux versions for the gecko-using media player's faithful flock.

13 February 2011