Although “official” builds of Songbird for Linux are no longer distributed the Songbird community still provide 32bit Linux versions for the gecko-using media player’s faithful flock.

New features available in the latest Songbird, now on version 1.9 which saw release last Wednesday, includes a play-queue option, a new 7Digital store and performance improvements.

It’s this latter improvement which is most notable: gone are the days of being able to brew a coffee and bake a biscuit in the time it took Songbird to launch, load the library and be be ready for use. It’s still not quite instant, but you’ll find that it’s quick enough to garner a quick ‘ooh’ of acknowledgement.

The ‘new’ 7Digital store is clean, if very Ubuntu One Music store-esque.


Whilst the contributed builds are not available pre-packaged as .deb files they are, nevertheless, still easy to ‘use’.

Download the .tar.gz archive on the contributed builds page (below) and extract. Double-click on the ‘songbird.bin’ file to run.

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