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Clementine 0.4 released, adds magnatune, tabbed playlists, UI improvements & much much more

A new version of cross-platform Amarok 1.4 inspired music player ‘Clementine‘ was released earlier today, adding a veritable crate-load of new features to already popular player. Additions amongst them include Magnatune integration, tabbed playlists, audio […]

29 June 2010
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Amazon MP3 Download Extension for Banshee coming next week

Is Linux finally about to get a decent Amazon MP3 downloader? You betcha! Aaron Bockover, creator and maintainer of the Banshee project, will be releasing an Amazon MP3 download extension for the popular media player […]

26 June 2010
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Mass Convert Audio files using Sound Converter

Ever wanted to convert a whole bunch of files in one go? Doing so is easy using SoundConverter. Sound Converter easily lets you convert all kinds of music-formats in all kinds of other music-formats, best […]

25 June 2010
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Radio Broadcasting made easy* with Internet Dj Console

A few days back I received a question from reader Nikos – who broadcasts a radio show @ It read: – I would like to run ubuntu for my station. For the time being  […]

21 June 2010
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Listen to radio stations in Ubuntu with RadioTray

Tuning into your favourite online radio stations without needing to open a dedicated music application is a breeze using RadioTray. The application runs directly from your system panel with a menu-only interface – thus making […]

16 June 2010
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Guayadeque Music Player: Light, Unique, Awesome?

Guayadeque Version: 0.2.5 It may have a name like an exotic fruit but Guayadeque music player is a surprisingly powerful new addition to the Linux music player scene. Light on resources and heavy on features […]

17 February 2010
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Rhythmbox 0.12.5 Released

Rhythmbox has been updated to 0.12.5, bringing with it new bug fixes and a new music-cover fetching feature. Codenamed “Stop Beathin’”, this new version brings 3 notable improvements: – Cover Art Search now uses […]

20 September 2009