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‘MusicMe’ media player forced to change name, goes Tolkien

Transparent Qt music player 'MusicMe' has been forced to change its name. The change, the result of a trademark dispute with a European company, led to the the developers turning their ears towards the linguistic worlds of Tolkien for some inspiration.

8 January 2011
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MusicMe: a transparent music player for Linux

Yes! Another music player! At least this one looks different, right?

5 January 2011

Five Light Music Players for Linux Desktops

Everyone loves lightweight music players. Well, maybe they don't. But here are 5 worth checking out.

20 December 2010
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‘elementary inspired’ Pogo Audio player

You can never have too much of a good thing, right? That is unless it comes to Linux music players. ‘Pogo’ is the latest weight to sit upon the buckling shelf of native Linux music players - but is it any good?

12 October 2010
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Live DJ Software Mixxx hits 1.8.0

Free and open-source Live DJ software Mixxx, which is developed by a community of DJ’s, has today released a new and improved version.

6 October 2010
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Chipmunk – Sweet little GTK Last.FM Player lovers addicted to music streaming service should cancel their therapy and check out the following shiny new application named ‘Chipmunk’. Created by Arch Linux user Andy Kluger, who has a self-confessed dependency on, the […]

12 August 2010

Xnoise is a lightweight desktop media app for Linux

Another week and another media player. Say hello to Xnoise – a self-described ‘lightweight’ music and video player that has been making a lot of noise of late. Written in vala – and therefore more […]

29 July 2010
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Pithos: Native Pandora App (US only)

If you’ve never tried Pandora, (and you live in America, as it is US only) you probably should. Type in your favorite artist or band, and then BAM, it starts playing tracks from them, as […]

20 July 2010

At Last: Spotify Comes to Linux With Native Client

The popular music streaming service ‘Spotify’ has today announced a preview release of a native Linux build for their desktop media player. Until now Linux users of the service had to use Spotify through Wine […]

12 July 2010
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Pragha Media player is both fast and familiar

Everyone loves music players and we’ve certainly had a lot of feature of late - The google looking MiniTunes, ‘ghost of Amarok 1.4’ Clementine & the stylish Banshee-Meego. Pragha is ‘yet another music player’ that’s been kicking around for a while now and, I though, time for a bit of a mention here on el OMG!.

11 July 2010
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MiniTunes music app close to first release, test it now.

The stylish forthcoming music app ‘Minitunes’ is ‘pretty close to release’ according to its developer Falvio Tordini. Falvio is now calling for some last minute testing of the media player before a formal first release is made. […]

30 June 2010
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Clementine 0.4 released, adds magnatune, tabbed playlists, UI improvements & much much more

A new version of cross-platform Amarok 1.4 inspired music player ‘Clementine‘ was released earlier today, adding a veritable crate-load of new features to already popular player. Additions amongst them include Magnatune integration, tabbed playlists, audio […]

29 June 2010