Image: YouTube.com

Canonical’s Mir developers are always keen to show off their progress, and the latest video demo highlights just how polished the technology has become.

Yeah, the frame rate drops a bit and there’s some noticeable lag on interactions. But look at what’s actually on the screen of the Nexus 10: graphically intensive apps running as ‘Mir Surfaces’ concurrently while also maintaining full multitouch interactivity during the transition to and from the ‘application switcher’.

It’s a pretty neat display of the flexibility and GL power of the Unity 8 Mir compositor rendering Qml apps through Qt.

Now, one important point to note here is that the behaviour shown off won’t be enabled by default on production images. Unfocused applications will, as on most other mobile systems, be ‘suspended’ so as to preserve performance and extend battery life.

You can see the demo, narrated by Daniel d’Andrada, in the player below.

Impressed? Think it should be better by now? Whatever your thoughts, we wanna hear ’em!