mirMir 0.1.4 has been released, bringing with it a raft of bug fixes, helpful developer tools and performance enhancements.

Canonical’s in-house display server has been designed from the ground up to drive the Unity interface across a range of screen sizes. It’s expected to land as default on the desktop in Ubuntu 14.10.

Mir 0.1.4 Delivers Notable Improvements

Flicker problems with Unity 8 have been resolved on various Nexus devices, including a ‘screen freeze’ issue afflicting Nexus 7 (2012) users; performance reporting now includes information on compositor and input latency; and the addition of GL texture caching sees performance gains when “multiple surfaces are visible”.

Also debuting is support for transparent backgrounds in ‘nested servers’, used in interface elements such as greeters and lockscreens.

The full changelog for Mir 0.1.4 can be viewed online.

Mir 0.1.4 Changelog

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