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Mark Shuttleworth Brands Mir Opponents “The Open Source Tea Party”

Opponents of Mir are 'politically motivated', says Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth in a blog post announcing the name of Ubuntu 14.10.

19 October 2013

Mark Shuttleworth Marks Bug 1 – ‘Microsoft Has Majority Marketshare – As Fixed

It had to happen one day - and today is as good as any, right? The infamous Bug #1 has been marked as fixed by Mark Shuttleworth.

30 May 2013
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Mark Shuttleworth ‘Most Disruptive Name in Computing’ Says Forbes

Mark Shuttleworth has been named as one American magazine Forbes' '12 Most Disruptive Names in business'

27 March 2013

Ubuntu Featured on BBC News Website

It's always a peculiar feeling to wake up and see Ubuntu splashed over the front page of a leading mainstream news site. But that was what greeted me this morning as Ubuntu grabbed some prime-time eyeballs via the BBC News website.

4 May 2012

Mark Shuttleworth on Ubuntu 12.10 Plans, Netflix & Windows 8

He's the founder of Ubuntu and its parent company Canonical, and is the creative force behind not on the Unity desktop but its expansion to new form factors. So he's a very busy man. But every six months Mark Shuttleworth sets aside 1 hour to answer questions from the community.

1 May 2012
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Mark Shuttleworth Talks New Icon Theme, Criticisms, GNOME-Shell & Ubuntu on TVs, Phones…

Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth holds a 1 hour Q&A session following each release of Ubuntu. And today was the first chance many have had to ask Mark questions about upcoming changes, plans and more following the release of Ubuntu 11.10. The most interesting questions asked during the session are presented inside...

23 November 2011
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Ubuntu Developer Summit Interview Videos Go Online

With so many Ubuntu folk in attendance at last weeks UDS Ubuntu's Amber Graner made sure she grabbed some prime interview time with many of Ubuntu's important figures. Head on in for video interviews with Mark Shuttleworth, Jason Warner, and many more.

8 November 2011
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Ubuntu Developer Summit Kicks Off

The bi-annual Ubuntu Developer Summit has kicked off in Florida with a key-note address from Ubuntu's founder Mark Shuttleworth.

31 October 2011
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Mark Shuttleworth talks Windicators, changes for Unity in Oneiric, and whole lot more…

For one hour in the week following the release of the latest Ubuntu, Mark Shuttleworth, the 'founder' of Ubuntu, holds a question and answer session as part of 'Ubuntu Open Week'. Below follows highlights from that session. Read on to find out what changes are coming to Unity next release, what happened to the much-heralded 'Windicators' and whether Mark prefers the iPhone or Android...

5 May 2011
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Ubuntu to become a rolling release distro?

The register are reporting that Mark Shuttleworth has hinted that the development cycle for Ubuntu releases could become a lot quicker than 6 months...

24 November 2010
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Mark Shuttleworth talks Unity at DebConf 10

Mark Shuttleworth talks about Unity, the new shell for Ubuntu Netbook Edition at DebConf 10 which took place earlier this month in New York City. In the video Mark covers the main aspects of Unity, […]

19 August 2010
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Mark Shuttleworth apologises for alleged sexist comment

Mark Shuttleworth has apologised “unreservedly to all offended” for his “poor choice of language” during LinuxCon 2009 during which a comment made by the Ubuntu founder was deemed to be sexist by many members of […]

1 August 2010