It’s always a peculiar feeling to wake up and see Ubuntu splashed over the front page of a leading mainstream news site.

But that was what greeted me this morning as Ubuntu grabbed some prime-time eyeballs via the BBC News website.

In a lengthy and positive piece, the BBC’s tech reporter Leo Kelion introduces readers to what Ubuntu is – “Free of charge, free of viruses and designed to outpace its rivals on low-end systems”; the features sported in the latest version; and touches on where the OS is heading over the coming years.

Ubuntu Founder Mark Shuttleworth peppers the persuasive copy with some of his trademark effusive quotes. Such as this, for example: –

“We know that we are sort of dancing naked through a minefield [of patents] and there are much bigger institutions driving tanks through.”

The full article is a great read and makes for a great ‘intro’ for those who are less tech-inclined or familiar with Ubuntu.

BBC Article on Ubuntu

A few newsworthy notes picked from the article: –

  • ‘Ubuntu for Android will be available later this year
  • Mark says that the HUD still needs ‘a great deal of work’
  • He mentions moves towards a ‘multi-sensory experience’ in Ubuntu – including tracking eye movements
  • Raspberry Pi Mk II could have Ubuntu support
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