Last weeks Ubuntu Developer Summit was a brimming hive of activity for the planning and development of Ubuntu 12.04.

Although the conference itself may be over there remains a wealth of UDS-related discussion available for digestion.


With so many ‘Ubuntuees’ in attendance at last weeks get-together Ubuntu’s Amber Graner made sure she grabbed some prime interview time with many of Ubuntu’s important figures.

Mark Shuttleworth talks the post-12.04 game plan, reaching 200 million Ubuntu users, and comparisons to Steve Jobs…

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”Interview%20with%20Mark%20Shuttleworth%20at%20UDS” width=”500″]

Ubuntu Desktop Manager Jason Warner lets slip some details about a theme and icon changes potentially coming to Precise Pangolin: –

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”Jason%20Warner%20on%20Ubuntu%2012.04″ width=”500″]

A stack of other video interviews are available, including run downs with Ubuntu’scommunity guru Jono Bacon, UbuntuEngineering’s Rick Spencer, and Ubuntu Quality Assurance team manager Pete Graner.

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