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Linux Marketshare Is Above 2-Percent For Third Month in a Row

The latest stats from analytics companies show Linux is maintaining a marketshare of over 2% — but is it what it seems?

27 October 2016
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Linux Desktop Marketshare Just Passed 2 Percent

Worldwide Linux marketshare has passed 2% for the first time, according to data from analytics company Net Market Share.

1 July 2016
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Linux Marketshare is Rising

Linux usage is on the rise if the latest data from net-statistics firm ‘NetMarketShare’ is to be believed. Data collected by the company sees the market share of Linux jump from 0.96% in January 2011 […]

4 January 2012
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W3schools: Linux hits 5% OS market share in November

The respected web development portal W3Schools have published their OS statistics for November - and it's good news for Linux.

8 December 2010
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“We are more than 1%” initiative aims to prove Linux is bigger than people think

A new ‘Linux counter’ initiative that aims to disprove press claims than Linux is used by less than 1% of the worlds desktop computer users has been launched.

6 October 2010
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Ubuntu Was More Popular Than Britney Spears In 2009

With 2009 drawing to a close i thought it would be interesting to kick of a series of retrospective posts about Ubuntu in 2009. What better way than to kick off with Ubuntu’s popularity this […]

28 December 2009