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Linux Marketshare for September 2020 Is …Shall We Talk About Something Else?

Linux marketshare for September 2020 fell dramatically on that of August, according to NetMarketShare who've just published their latest tracking stats.

1 October 2020
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Linux Usage Dropped in August, Analytics Stats Show

Informing you of NetMarketShare‘s monthly tally of desktop Linux users has become something of a “thing” on this site — and who am I to buck the trend: August’s figures are now out. But brace […]

1 September 2020

Linux Marketshare Dipped in July, But Not By Much!

If you were hoping July would yield another bumper month for Linux marketshare I'm here to gently shake you awake and waft an aromatic espresso under your nose.

5 August 2020
linux marketshare

Linux Marketshare Climbed to All-Time High in June, Stats Show

A new month means new Linux marketshare stats from net analytics company NetMarketshare and they show Linux and Ubuntu were up for the fourth consecutive month in a row.

2 July 2020
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Linux Marketshare Increased Again Last Month (So Did Ubuntu’s)

Usage of Linux-based desktop operating systems grew again in May 2020, according to stats shared by web analytics firm NetMarketShare.

2 June 2020
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Linux Marketshare Doubled Last Month, Stats Reveal

We've all had to adapt to different ways of working of late, and according to stat trackers NetMarketShare that includes making more use of Linux!

6 May 2020
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Linux Marketshare on Desktops Apparently Hit 6.91% in September

Desktop Linux marketshare hit an all-time high of 6.91% in September 2017, according to the preliminary data from web analytics firm NetMarketShare.

1 October 2017

Firefox Marketshare is ‘Falling off a Cliff’, Says Former Mozilla CTO

Firefox marketshare is in decline and former Mozilla CTO Andreas Gal thinks he knows why. But are things really as bleak as the data suggests?

20 July 2017
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Stats Say Linux Marketshare Hit All-Time High Last Month

Desktop Linux marketshare hit an all-time high last month, according to the latest data from web analytics firm NetMarketShare.

3 July 2017
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Android Beats Windows, Now Officially The World’s Most Popular OS

Android is now the world's most popular operating system, having beaten Microsoft Windows in worldwide marketshare for the very first time.

3 April 2017
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Has Interest in Ubuntu Peaked?

This graph represents Google search volume for Ubuntu (the OS) from 2004 until now, 2017. Looking at the image it us hard to not conclude one thing: that interest in Ubuntu has peaked. But has it? I think there are a couple […]

23 March 2017
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Chrome OS Has Double the Marketshare of Regular Linux in USA

Chrome OS marketshare is more than double that of traditional GNU/Linux in the USA, data from a web analytics company shows.

8 March 2017