The respected web development portal W3Schools have published their OS statistics for November – and it’s good news for Linux.

According to their visitor stats Linux now commands 5% of the Operating System market – the first time it has ever reached this milestone since w3schools records began seven years ago.

This figure compounds the previous three months which saw Linux got from a market-share high of 4.9% in August only to fall back to 4.6% in September.


These statistic are, given they are sourced from only one website’s logs, not indicative of the entire breadth of computing users. But they do present a snapshot of usage by a diverse range of users visiting a relatively ‘neutral’ website.

Whilst these stats are likely to be more complimentary to Linux than most, and should be taken in the context of being so, they do offer a snapshot of a trend happening everywhere: Linux continuing to grow.

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