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Major Update: Krita 5.0 Has Arrived – And It’s Full of New Features

A big update to open source graphics app Krita is available. Krita 5.0 includes a huge number of enhancements as well several major new features.

23 December 2021
krita 4.4.2 screenshot

Krita 4.4.2 Released with New Tools, Brushes, and Halftone Filter

Krita 4.4.2 has been released. In this post we recap the new features (like mesh gradients and improved halftone filter) plus link to the Linux download.

19 January 2021

Open Source Graphics App Krita Just Got an Epic Christmas Present

Krita, the open source graphics editor with a tonne of good will behind it, just got a $25,000 cash boost from Epic MegaGrant to help fund future development.

18 December 2019
krita 4.2

Krita 4.2 Debuts with 1000+ Bug Fixes, New Features

Krita 4.2.0 is the latest version of the powerful open-source graphics app written in Qt. We recap its new features and show you where to download it.

28 May 2019
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Two Popular Open-Source Apps Are Now Available in the Windows Store

Two of the most celebrated open-source applications are now available on the Windows Store, though one comes with a £7.49/$9.79 price tag attached.

18 June 2017
krita 3.1.3

Open Source Graphics App Krita Sees New Bug Fix Release

Krita, one of the most popular open-source graphics editors available, has a new release — and it's already available to install on Ubuntu.

1 May 2017
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Calligra App Suite Goes Stable, Impresses

The Calligra suite of applications hit the 'stable' milestone today, marking the software's first release. The Qt-based application stack offer a wide range of apps; everything from a fully-featured word processor and spreadsheet app to a comprehensive digital drawing programme are included in Calligra.

12 April 2012
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KDE Graphics App Krita Releases First 2.4 Beta

The first beta release from sketching and painting app Krita's 2.4 series has been made available for Download.

15 September 2011