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KDE Graphics App Krita Releases First 2.4 Beta

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

The first beta release from sketching and paintingapp Krita’s 2.4 series has been made available for Download.

The development of Krita 2.4 “…focused on making painting as fast and fun as possible”, with the brush editor seeing “an enormous amount of work”, ‘new possibilities for fine-tuning Krita’s engines toachievethe effect you want’ and new shortcut keys for adjusting the brush in use.

Other features new in the 2.4 series include: –

  • Workspaces features for differentlayoutsof tools, dockers, etc
  • History docker (pane)
  • New text tool
  • In-app downloading of additional resources such as presets, patterns and gradients
  • New color sources for brushes including pattern, gradient and random
  • New blending modes, including Vivid Light, “Hard Mix”, Additive-Subtractive, Hard Light, and Overlay
  • Experimental ‘multihand tool’ for drawing with several brushes at the same time
  • Pressure and tilt support for ‘line tool’

For a full (and I mean full) change-log head of what is new and improved in Krita 2.4 head on over the Krita blog.


Krita 2.4 will be packaged up and provided for various Linux distributions over the coming weeks.

But if you have itchy fingers Krita 2.4 beta can be built from source easily-ish usinga scriptcreated byKrita forum memberKubuntiac.

Trying Krita from source is not advised for novices or the curious as many KDE dependencies will be required and installed during the process.