Say hello to the flat-out coolest way to keep and eye on your desktop’s CPU load.

Because as handy as tools like Indicator Multiload are, they lack a certain …badassery.

Indicator DOOM is a CPU load indicator for Ubuntu that displays processor load using Doomguy‘s face from the iconic DOOM video game.

The more injured and bloodier the toughened marine’s face looks, the more brutal the load your CPU is tackling.

Naturally this indicator, inspired by a similar menu bar app for macOS, is of niche interest and limited appeal. And if you’re truly worried about your CPU load you should probably opt for a less superfluous system monitoring tool.

But for DOOM fanatics or those feeling their desktop needs the chisel-jawed heroism of a muscled up marine, grab the installer below.

Download Indicator DOOM for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS+

Download Gaming doom fluff stuff indicator-applets