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Darktable photography app hits 0.6.0, gains many new features

A new release of virtual light-table and darkroom application Darktable is available for download. The tool, aimed at photographers, allows you to manage “your digital negatives in a database and lets you view them through a zoomable light-table.” […]

29 August 2010
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Alchemy lets you draw using your voice, in the dark, more

Whilst most drawing applications seek to provide users with as many possible ways to edit and draw accurately as possible, Alchemy doesn’t. The Java-based application seeks to give users ‘a way to explore and experiment with […]

8 August 2010
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Trimage Image Compressor Optimizes Your Photos

Trimage image compressor will losslessly optimise PNG and JPG files in a snap. Available with both GUI and command-line interfaces, the application optimizes images via optipng, advpng and jpegoptim, depending on the filetype. The interface was inspired by […]

25 June 2010
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See Ya F-Spot! Shotwell to be default Image App in Ubuntu 10.10

Although F-Spot currently maintains the comfortable position as the default image management and editing application in Ubuntu 10.04, Maverick will see the much-derided application dethroned in favour of photo management application Shotwell. The decision, confirmed […]

13 May 2010
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New Nathive Image Editor Beta released

A new beta version of aspiring image editor Nathive is available for the brave and the bold to test and try out. New features in this latest beta ” which has seen the application totally […]

28 April 2010