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Awesome Elementary GNOME-Shell theme

GNOME-Shell or Unity: whichever desktop shell you choose chances are your favourite GTK+ theme will need to update to take advantage of the new features and elements offered by both. The following GNOME Shell by deviant artist ~half-left should placate the brooding elementary fans amongst you worried about the switch to Shell.

16 January 2011
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Tron Legacy GNOME Shell theme is all kinds of cool

There are themes and then there are really freaking cool themes. A great example of the latter is this 'Tron Legacy' inspired GNOME Shell theme by one of our favourite designers half-left.

6 January 2011
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Bringing Sexy back to GNOME Shell with Zeitgeist

Seif Lotfy – Zeitgeist creator, hacker and all round semantic solider – has spent the last few days bringing Zeitgeist love to GNOME Shell. With both Unity and KDE to benefit from Zeitgeist it’s nice […]

2 December 2010
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Ubuntu 11.04 to ship Unity as default desktop?

A blueprint suggesting a that a variant of the Unity netbook interface should be used on the desktop edition for Natty Narwhal has been approved by Mark Shuttleworth for discussion at the Ubuntu Developer Summit this week.

24 October 2010
dock for Gnome Shell

Dock extension for GNOME Shell

If there's one aspect of Gnome Shell that many users don't like it's the inability to switched between windows as quickly as that of a traditional taskbar or dock. With the following extension by a developer called Torb you can easily add a dock-like bar to the right-side of your screen that gives you this & more.

3 September 2010
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I may be biased but this is the best GNOME-Shell theme I have ever seen…

WIP theme created by Tamara, using elements from OMG! Ubuntu! Article originally appeared on

13 June 2010
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I know I’m in no position to criticise but really GNOME, really? (d0od rant)

With Gnome 3.0 on course to be released later this year developers have begun making the tough decisions on what will be included as part of the desktop – and, perhaps more controversially, what won’t […]

9 June 2010
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GNOME Shell: System status area mockups

GNOME 3 ” and the Shell it brings – won’t be the big bad many fear and as work on it progresses more concepts and interface designs are coming out that will surely help abate […]

4 April 2010
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A Few New Features In Gnome-Shell

GNOME-Shell needs no introduction. I’m sure many of you all know what it is, have opinions on it and probably you will have tried it out. But have you tried it out lately? Progress OMG! […]

8 February 2010
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Gnome 3.0 To Be Delayed Until September 2010?

Gnome 3.0, which is due to bring the love/hate Gnome-Shell to users desktops, was originally slated in for a March 2010 release. This may now be pushed back to September 2010 due to the "beta quality" of Gnome-Shell; there is just too much work to be done on it and just not enough time.

4 November 2009
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Gnome 3 – A Quick Visual Tour

Gnome 3, which will be available to install in Ubuntu 10.04, will mark the first radical change to the Gnome Desktop since it’s inception, thanks to it’s “new” interface ‘Gnome-Shell’. Doing Things Better On first […]

20 September 2009