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GNOME Shell: System status area mockups

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

GNOME 3 ” and the Shell it brings – won’t be the big bad many fear and as work on it progresses more concepts and interface designs are coming out that will surely help abate any niggling worries users have of missing functionality or “I can’t do that”’s.

System Status Area

A new ‘System Status Area‘ will form part of the top panel. This area will be exclusively used for system indicators that convey system information such as volume control, network control, power icon, et cetera and not for IM notifications, mail alerts and so on.

The way in which these function will also remain consistent amongst them: –

Like all Top Menubar items, the icons should behave as if they are part of a menu-bar. The icons can be clicked with any mouse button but should always perform the same action no matter what button is used.

Why system only?

The reasons behind the ‘system only’ approach is summed up on the GNOME Shell design guidelines for these indicators: –

This distinction is necessary to ensure the entire top of the screen is designed properly, system owned and coherent, able to be modified or extended, scale well to smaller form-factors, and not become a dumping ground or high-profile branding opportunity.

Volume, Network and power indicators in glorious mocked-up beauty:


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