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Media Player Indicator Is A Slick Sound Menu for GNOME Shell

Are you looking for a GNOME music player extension that offers player controls, ratings progress bar and more?

18 September 2016
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The 5 Best GNOME Shell Extensions

These are the best GNOME Shell extensions available to install on Ubuntu — according to you!

8 July 2016

[How To] Run MATE Desktop In GNOME Shell

This being Linux, we have the good fortune of having our choice of desktop environment - and nobody says that it has to be one at a time.

10 February 2013
gnome app menu support in ubuntu 12.04

Ubuntu 12.04 Adds Support for GNOME App Menus

The new application menus introduced to the GNOME Shell desktop are now supported in Ubuntu. Following the release of GNOME 3.4 last month, a wider number of GNOME applications have begun to make use of the one-button 'app menus'.

15 April 2012
Update Indicator for GNOME Shell

‘Update Indicator’ Extension for GNOME Shell Puts Upgrade Alerts in Your Panel

If you're a GNOME Shell user who took fancy to the 'Update Manager Indicator' we featured last Friday and want something similar for your own system - you're in luck!

27 July 2011

GNOME3 packages begin trickling into Ubuntu 11.10

Due to the high priority of Unity in the Ubuntu 11.04 development cycle, the inclusion of GNOME3 into Ubuntu were postponed until 11.10, and Unity was shipped in Ubuntu 11.04 as a shell for GNOME2 instead. Not wanting to waste any time, development on 11.10 started yesterday and GNOME3 packages have begun landing in Ubuntu 11.10.

30 April 2011
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Zeitgeist powered Jump-lists in GNOME Shell

Browsing around Zeitgeist developer and fellow OMG! Ubuntu! writer Seif Lotfy's YouTube I came across a short video demonstration of Zeitgeist powered jump-lists in GNOME-Shell.

24 March 2011
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GNOME-Shell ‘Smooth Inset’ theme is light, airy and beautiful

Gnome-Shell may not be to everyone's taste out of the box, but one can't deny that its themeing capabilities allow it to look utterly beautiful. The following GNOME-Shell theme, by regularly-featured-on-OMG! designer ~half-left, provides a light, airy overhaul of GNOME's big interface revamp.

20 March 2011
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Gnome-Shell gets a Live CD

GNOME-Shell is very nearly upon us - but it's been an absolute age since I last played with it myself (been knee deep in Natty, folks!). Work on it, regardless of my attention, soldiers on apace.

1 February 2011
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Awesome Elementary GNOME-Shell theme

GNOME-Shell or Unity: whichever desktop shell you choose chances are your favourite GTK+ theme will need to update to take advantage of the new features and elements offered by both. The following GNOME Shell by deviant artist ~half-left should placate the brooding elementary fans amongst you worried about the switch to Shell.

16 January 2011
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Tron Legacy GNOME Shell theme is all kinds of cool

There are themes and then there are really freaking cool themes. A great example of the latter is this 'Tron Legacy' inspired GNOME Shell theme by one of our favourite designers half-left.

6 January 2011
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Bringing Sexy back to GNOME Shell with Zeitgeist

Seif Lotfy – Zeitgeist creator, hacker and all round semantic solider – has spent the last few days bringing Zeitgeist love to GNOME Shell. With both Unity and KDE to benefit from Zeitgeist it’s nice […]

2 December 2010