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GNOME 40 Fixes the Issue of Truncated App Nam…

I know you're thinking "Joey, you've been here before", but this time it's different. Code has been committed and merged. A fix is finally happening.

11 January 2021

GNOME’s Bold New Look is Beginning to Take Shape

Major GNOME Shell design changes are coming, but not everyone is please. GNOME devs share an update on their progress and urge users to 'wait' to try it.

7 January 2021
Fuzzy Search on GNOME Shell

How to Enable ‘Fuzzy Search’ in GNOME Shell’s Applications Screen

Add fuzzy search to GNOME Shell using this free GNOME extension. It returns fuzzy matching app results in the GNOME Shell applications screen.

30 December 2020
Notification Grouping in GNOME Shell

Grouped Notifications Are Coming to GNOME Shell

New GNOME development adds the long-requested ability to have desktop notifications grouped by application rather than appearing individually.

10 September 2020
app folders gnome shell 3.34

First Look: GNOME Shell Adds Another Much-Requested Feature

It looks like GNOME Shell is FINALLY adding drag and drop folder creation to the Applications Overview, with code implementing the feature pending merge.

30 June 2019

How GNOME Shell Search Is Improving

GNOME 3.26 improves the appearance of GNOME Shell search results, making better use of screen space to show more results on screen.

29 August 2017
gnome shell search results list mockup

GNOME Shell Is Finally Improving its Search Results Page

Search results in the GNOME Shell overview may soon look a little neater. Improvements to the look and layout of the GNOME Shell search list is being worked on as part of this year’s Google […]

27 June 2017
gnome app folders manager

This Extension Makes it Super Easy to Create App Folders on GNOME Shell

This nifty new GNOME Extension makes it super easy to create, edit and manage GNOME Shell app folders direct from the applications overview.

31 May 2017
gnome shell applications overview sorted

This Script Organises Your GNOME Application Launcher into Categories

This script automatically organizes the GNOME Application launcher into categories and folders, saving you from needing to create and add app folders yourself.

27 April 2017
GNOME Layout Manager

This Script Can Make GNOME Shell Look like Windows, Mac, or Unity (Updated)

Want to make GNOME Shell look and feel like Unity, Windows 10 or macOS? This small script can help you do exactly that in just a couple of clicks.

26 April 2017
After: the ~/Pictures/Wallpaper directory is used

The Way GNOME Handles Wallpapers Really Annoys Me

I love GNOME Shell — and no, not just because I’ve little choice now that is Ubuntu’s default desktop! But the more I use GNOME the more I learn that the desktop environment, like every other, has its own share of […]

25 April 2017
create and add gnome app folders

2 Ways to Add App Folders to the GNOME Shell Overview

If you use the main GNOME application launcher (the fullscreen one similar to macOS’s Launchpad) you may have spotted two folders among the app launchers: Sundry and Utilities. These app folders ship by default; you […]

23 April 2017