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‘GNOME To Do’ App Picks Up New Features

GNOME To Do is one of those apps you’ve probably heard of, but do not use. And with a bunch of rivals task managers and to-do list apps available on Linux — from Simplenote to Remember the Milk — and online, the […]

26 October 2016
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GNOME 3.22 Official Release Video Uploaded to YouTube

A GNOME 3.22 release video has gone live on YouTube. It gives users a look at the key changes that feature in the latest update to the Linux desktop environment.

21 September 2016
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GNOME 3.22 Released, This Is What’s New

GNOME 3.22 is out, and it features comprehensive Flatpak support, file manager improvements, and a whole host more besides. Click through to read more.

21 September 2016
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You’re Invited to the UK GNOME Release Party This Friday

Are you in the UK? Within reasonable reach of Manchester? And a fan of the GNOME desktop? You're invited to the UK GNOME Release Party taking place this Friday…

19 September 2016

GNOME Games Levels Up With Gamepad, Fullscreen & PlayStation Support

Despite being an avid retro gamer I've never used the GNOME Games app — and I've really been missing out.

18 September 2016
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Nautilus 3.22 Adds Batch File Renaming, Native Compression Features

There are plenty of new and improved features to enjoy in Nautilus 3.22, which is on course to ship as part of GNOME 3.22 late next month.

31 August 2016

See The Newly Improved GNOME Keyboard Settings (Video)

Keyboard configuration is a crucial part of any modern desktop operating system, and GNOME is working to make its even better.

22 July 2016
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Nautilus Is Adding Native Archive Extraction

Nautilus, the GNOME file manager, is to improve support for extracting zips, tars and other compressed archives.

19 July 2016

Using Gedit, Nautilus with Pkexec Will Soon Be Less Hassle

I’m gonna keep this one super brief. Here’s the deal: ‘gksu’ (the once recommended way to run GUI apps as root) was deprecated in favour of ‘pkexec’, a graphical fronted for PolicyKit, several years back. Ubuntu […]

14 July 2016

GNOME Web Wants to ‘Compete With Electron’

GNOME Web, also known as 'Epiphany', now allows system web apps to run on other Linux desktops, positioning the app as a rival to Electron.

21 June 2016
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Audio Tag Editing Features Head to GNOME Music

GNOME Music is a capable music player for the GNOME desktop, but it lacks many of the features that make rival apps like Rhythmbox and Clementine so popular. I might be old school but I still to use […]

19 June 2016
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Linux Users Left Stunned As Nautilus ADDS a New Feature

Nautilus is to add batch renaming in GNOME 3.22. The feature lets you rename multiple files at the same time, something the current version doesn't support.

9 June 2016