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Want to take a peek at the newly improved keyboard panel in GNOME Control Center?

I know: hardly the most glamorous or exciting of things, right? But keyboard configuration is nonetheless a crucial part of any modern desktop’s settings section.

And in GNOME 3.22 this oft-overlooked section is getting a glossy new makeover.

As spied in the GNOME Control Centre design briefs from earlier in the year, the GNOME keyboard panel is getting a streamlined new look. Work on improving the dialogs for adding and editing custom shortcuts is present, and the overall behaviour of buttons and sheets now matches that found in the rest of the GNOME desktop environment.

Keep in mind that what you see demoed below is still under development and still subject to change.

But for a small flavour of the full-bodied changes you can expect to benefit from should you upgrade to GNOME 3.22 later this year, hit play.

Dev Video gnome 3.22 keyboard