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gnome global menu extension

GNOME Global Menu Extension ‘Discontinued For the Moment’

The developer behind the popular Global App Menu GNOME extension has announced it is “discontinued for the moment”. Explaining the reasons for his decision on Github, Lester Carballo cites the shift to Wayland (the extension doesn’t […]

21 September 2017
gnome global menu extension

A Global Menu Extension for GNOME Shell is in Development

This global menu GNOME Shell extension brings a popular Unity feature to the GNOME desktop, and lets you interact with app menus from the top bar.

19 April 2017
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Global Menu ‘Off Switch’ Won’t Land in 12.04

With the release date of Ubuntu 12.04 looming ever closer it’s becoming clear not everything wished for inclusion will make it into the final release. One such feature is a simple and easily accessible switch […]

12 March 2012
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XFCE Global Menu Plugin Gets a PPA

Xubuntu 11.04 and 11.10 users wanting to add Ubuntu's "App Menu" (also known as a 'global menu') can now do so with ease.

15 November 2011

[How To] Enable Ubuntu’s Global Menu in Xubuntu 11.10

Xubuntu 11.10 users can now add Ubuntu's "App Menu" plugin to their desktop set-ups thanks to a package by XFCE user AaronLewis89.

18 October 2011
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Chrome 12 brings Unity Global Menu support – and here’s how to enable it

Google released the latest stable update to their Google Chrome browser earlier today, bringing with it a handful of features exclusive to Ubuntu users...

8 June 2011
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Unity global menu mock-up: Proximity-based reveal

Reader Mark Tyrrell linked us to a bug report of his that proposes a rather slick solution for the Ubuntu 'Application Menu' reveal behaviour in Unity.

11 May 2011
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Google Chrome Unstable adds Global Menu support

Where Chromium leads, Chrome surely follows... Following yesterday's news of Chromium Daily adding experimental support for Ubuntu's new Global Menu, Google Chrome Unstable - which is based upon Chromium - has also been updated with support for it.

13 April 2011
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Ubuntu Global Menu Support comes to Chromium

The latest Daily Builds of open-source browser Chromium have added in experimental support for Ubuntu 11.04's new Global Menu via the about:flags staging area.

12 April 2011
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How to enable Global Menu support for LibreOffice in Ubuntu 11.04

Ubuntu 11.04 users can free up some screen space and gain desktop consistency in LibreOffice by enabling LibreOffice Global Menu support.

28 March 2011
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Thunderbird Messaging Menu integration ready for testing

Work on integration between Mozilla's e-mail client Thunderbird and the Ubuntu Messaging Menu is made available for public testing.

23 February 2011
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Work on LibreOffice application menu support progressing

Alberto Ruiz from Codethink has posted a status update on the work he's been doing on an extension to bring global application menu support to Libre Office. With Firefox and Thunderbird work already well underway this is one of the final large pieces of global application menu support left to do.

18 February 2011