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global-menu support for Firefox 4 in Ubuntu 11.04 available to test

Natty alpha testers keen to gain Firefox app-menu support now can, thanks to the work of Ubuntu's Chris Coulson. The small extension enables Firefox's app menu to be displayed in the panel as most other applications shipped with Ubuntu are able to do. The result helps bring a clean and consistent experience to the Ubuntu 11.04 desktop.

13 January 2011
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Enable Firefox menus in GlobalMenu applet

An addon that works with the gnome2-globalmenu project brings support for the global menu to Firefox.

23 November 2010
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Global menu app updates to come weekly; keep eyes peeled

Just a quick short sharp poke to everyone testing Ubuntu 10.10’s ‘global menu’ via the Unity PPA: you’ll soon find updates to it coming in weekly so if you’ve tested it as much as you […]

1 June 2010
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UDS-M: Ubuntu Netbook Edition global menu is going to rock; demonstration

There were a couple of UDS sessions today that covered the new global menu for Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Netbook Edition. It was decided that the global menu will be tested in Maverick Netbook Edition and a […]

12 May 2010