Google released the latest stable update to their Google Chrome browser earlier today, bringing with it a handful of features exclusive to Ubuntu users…

Google Chrome 12 comes with a hefty change log. Amongst which include the inclusion of hardware accelerated 3d CSS, the ability to launch web-apps by name form the Omnibox and the removal of Google Gears

But it also brings Unity Launcher integration and experimental ‘Application Menu’ support to stable Chrome users in Ubuntu 11.04.


This feature had previously been available to users of the daily and beta build PPA.

How to enable Global Menu support in Google Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome
  • In the ‘URL/Address’ bar enter
    • about:flags
  • In the tab that opens scroll down to the bottom.
  • Click ‘Enable’ under ‘Experimental GNOME menu bar support’


Google Chrome 12, which has integrated Flash, PDF reader and a few other goodies not found in the open-source version ‘Chromium’, can be downloaded @

Thanks to Paul

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