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Fifth alpha of warfare game ‘0. A.D.’ introduces Iberians, new music, better graphics

Wildfire games have announced the fifth alpha release of their open-source warfare game '0 A.D.'.

22 May 2011
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GTA2 inspired game ‘Greedy Car Thieves’ adds new cars, sounds, physics and more

A new test release of Grand Theft Auto 2 inspired Greedy Car Thieves, which adds numerous improved features, is now available for download.

18 May 2011
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Steel Storm Episode 2 hits the Software Center, we go hands on with the top-down shooter

Steel Storm Episode 2: Burning Retribution hit the Ubuntu Software Center For Purchase section today and I gave it a bit of a whirl. The original Steel Storm game released last year by indie developers Kot-in-Action had positive reviews, with a distinguishable style, fun and familiar gameplay and lovely artwork and textures that made for a pleasant experience. So what's Episode 2 like?

12 May 2011
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HTML5 version of Angry Birds lets you play in Chrome on Ubuntu

The folks over at Rovio, creators of the now famous Angry Birds, have unleashed an HTML5 version of the popular game that's designed to run in Chrome (or Chromium!) on any operating system.

12 May 2011
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Linux racing game ‘Speed Dreams 2.0’ hits third alpha

The third alpha release of racing simulator 'Speed Dreams' version 2.0 has been made available for testing. This latest update to the fork of famous racing game Torcs sees new cars and tracks available, as well as improvements to the physics and 'visual realism' of the game.

9 May 2011
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GTA2 inspired ‘Greedy Car Thieves’ gets release date; Linux beta

Running amokin Ubuntu need no longer be confined to running risky Terminal commands or toying with your GRUB menu with the beta release of 'Greedy Car Thieves' - an upcoming action game inspired by the pre-millennial action smash GTA2.

4 May 2011
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Volley Brawl update adds new characters, stages, changeable difficulty

The venerable Tommy and Bart from Sigmoid have updated Volley Brawl this week with new 7 new characters, user modifiable stages, changeable difficulty and a host of bug fixes.

4 May 2011

Hey, where’d Ubuntu Gamer go?

In September last year we launched Ubuntu Gamer at - the intention was to create an entirely new site in a similar vein to OMG! Ubuntu!, but dedicated purely to gaming on Ubuntu. The site went well for a few months until earlier this year, when due to a variety of reasons, a lot of the authors couldn't find the time to write articles and the news was well, simply not there.

30 April 2011
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Want to see Minecraft in the Ubuntu Software Centre? Let the devs know

Would you love to see Minecraft for sale in the Ubuntu Software Centre? One plucky Minecraft fan has gone right ahead and suggested that to the developers behind the game, and you can add your voice too.

13 April 2011
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Humble ‘frozenbyte’ bundle announced; buy 5 games for any price you want

The Humble Bundle is back, once again letting you set your own price for a set of five DRM-free games.

12 April 2011

OMG! Words! – A Free Game for Linux with Our Faces In

Calling all grammar nazi's and typo hunters: Put your fingers where your gripes are and go up against The Editor's of OMG! Ubuntu! in time wasting typing game 'OMG! Words!'

23 March 2011
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Indie puzzle game ‘SnapShot’ has Linux version ‘in the works’

The development team behind much-hyped puzzle game 'SnapShot' have today confirmed that a Linux version of the soon-to-be-released 'is in the works'.

18 March 2011