The Humble Bundle is back, once again letting you set your own price for a set of five DRM-free games.

The Humble ‘frozenbyte’ bundle rounds up five games from Frozenbyte – the Finnish-based games developer – and lets you buy them at any price you want. Proceeds are split between the developers and charity, with you allowed to divvy up who gets what.

Linux Debut

Amongst the five games four are Linux compatible, of which one, side-scrolling platform game ‘Trine‘, makes its’ Linux debut.

Shoot ’em ups ‘Shadowgrounds‘ and its sequel ‘Shadowgrounds Survivor’ are also available for Linux within the bundle.

Windows only ‘unfinished game’ Jack Claw and pre-order preview ‘Splot’ round out the package.

More information on the bundle and the games within can be seen in the video below. Purchases can be made over @


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