This week, I will be highlighting a recently launched game in the software center: Family Farm.

Family Farm - 19th century homesteading game

Unlike the wildly successful Facebook game FarmVille, Family Farm is more of a simulation focusing on not just the advancement of the farm itself, but also the family unit that runs it. The player progresses through the game by completing “stories.”

In order to finish a story, you’ll need to perform a certain number of allotted tasks in a specified period of time. Game time moves much faster than real time, and it can be fast forwarded on demand; entire seasons can be skipped if the user so chooses.

Stories are contained in a collection called a “series.” You must complete one story before moving to the next. You must not only complete a series before moving on to the next series, but also reach a certain level.

New levels are obtained by completing the tasks set before you and winning in-game “trophies”.

Aside from progression, there is also a competition aspect to the game. While not technically a multiplayer game, your friends or family members can each create a profile in-game and compete to beat your scores. So, you’ll not just want to coast through the game, you should try to keep your workers happy and healthy to earn the highest score possible.

Family Farm costs $14.99USD in the Ubuntu Software Center and is available for Maverick and Natty. If you’d like even more information on the game, click here to visit the author’s website.

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