Papirus, the popular icon pack for Linux desktops, has a new update available to download.

The latest release adds icons for a slew of Linux software, including a bunch of apps distributed on Flathub, as well as a redesigned icon for GNOME Console, and a revamped animated spinner glyph.

Papirus icons for Forza Horizon 5, Snapshot, Loupe, Console, NixOS Software, and Outlook
Some of the new icons in Papirus’ latest update

The following apps, games, and utilities pick up icons in Papirus v20231101:

  • Ardour 8
  • CoreRename
  • Forza Horizon 5
  • JetBrains RustRover
  • Libation
  • Loupe
  • Outlook for Linux
  • Snapshot
  • Spotify (tray icon)
  • Thorium Browser
  • Yum Extender NG

While Flathub app coverage extends to include icons for:

  • 64Gram Desktop
  • Alien Arena
  • Atlantik
  • Deezer
  • DevilutionX
  • Google Earth Pro
  • JamesDSP
  • KImageMapEditor
  • Konsole
  • Libre Menu Editor
  • PhotoCollage
  • PlayOnLinux 4
  • SymbolEditor
  • Time Log
  • Yakuake

As mentioned, there’s also a revamped icon for GNOME Console (plus a new symbolic icon to go with it), and a new animated spinner for GNOME apps (this is often shown during loading actions).

Plus, Papirus boosts its NixOS coverage, with the inclusion of the NixOS distro logo and icons for core tools, including the Nix Software Center; adds fixes for missing icons in Evolution; and cleans up a swathe of symlinks.

Installing Papirus Icons on Ubuntu

You can download Papirus from GitHub (the icon set is compatible with most major Linux distros and desktop environments, including KDE Plasma) or install Papirus on Ubuntu using the official PPA, which provides automatic updates and support for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS through 23.10.

With this update the Papirus icon set is split, making it possible to remove the ePapirus and ePapirus-Dark icon packages if not required, if installed from the above PPA.

Remember that to change icon theme in Ubuntu you need to install the Tweaks tool to do it (you can use dconf too, but that’s more effort that necessary).

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