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Ubuntu May Ditch Thunderbird, Possibly Ship With No Email App

Developers are considering dropping the Thunderbird email client from Ubuntu's default apps list in Ubuntu 17.10 due later this year.

19 April 2017
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Evolution 3.0 now available for Ubuntu 11.04 GNOME 3 users

Evolution 3.0 is finally available for Ubuntu 11.04 GNOME 3 users to install, thanks to danilo. Evolution 3.0 for GNOME 3 doesn't differ greatly from Evolution 2.x as found by default in Ubuntu 11.04 - at least not on the surface. But if you're using GNOME 3 in Ubuntu you might as well be using the latest version of its default mail application, too.

20 May 2011
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Thunderbird on track to be default e-mail app in Ubuntu 11.10

A strong case for switching the default e-mail application from Evolution to Thunderbird was given at the Ubuntu Developer Summit, with a provisional decision in switching to it for Oneiric, subject to a set of criteria being met made.

12 May 2011
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Evolution evolved [mock-ups]

Evolution is a little bit staid in the UI department - but don't fix what isn't broken right?

25 November 2010
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Sync Yahoo calendar with Evolution in Ubuntu

Dexter Jerome Smith sent us the following tutorial for syncing your online Yahoo! calendar with desktop based Evolution.

22 November 2010
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What e-mail app do you use? [poll]

Anyone who has tried Ubuntu will have surely come across the default mail application 'Evolution'. It's a powerful e-mail tool with an impressive set of features that more than rival commercial alternatives on other platforms. But what do you use?

16 November 2010
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Enable IMAP push (Gmail) in Evolution

Enable Push Notification support in Evolution and never have to hit the refresh button again.

30 October 2010
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‘Sent from Ubuntu’ Evolution signature turned off

The addition of a ‘sent from Ubuntu’ signature on mail sent from Ubuntu’s default mail client Evolution in Ubuntu 10.10 has been nixed, with Ubuntu’s Rick Spencer ensuring that the text is switched off by default […]

20 September 2010
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Sent from Ubuntu signature to be added to Evolution [Poll]

A case is being made for ‘Sent from Ubuntu’ signature to be appended to all mail sent from Ubuntu’s desktop e-mail application ‘Evolution’. What do you think? Poll and more information after the break.

19 September 2010
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Elementary inspired mail client promises to bring sexy to desktop mail

As great as Evolution and Thunderbird are to use their interfaces won’t win any awards in a beauty contest. Hell not even a certificate for ‘good effort’. Evolution Express & Spicebird (a thunderbird based fork) […]

14 June 2010
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Evolution Got Beautiful?!

Edit: See bottom of post for newest update with oversized icons fixed It sounds impossible, yet it seems to be true! I’ve complained a bit about Evolution before, both about behavior and looks, in hopes […]

25 May 2010
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Making 10.10 a perfect 10/10 – Evolution

With the default apps chosen and announced for 10.10, Maverick Meerkat, I decided that I wanted to take a look at a few apps in particular and look at some of their strengths and weaknesses, […]

14 May 2010