As great as Evolution and Thunderbird are to use their interfaces won’t win any awards in a beauty contest. Hell not even a certificate for ‘good effort’. Evolution Express & Spicebird (a thunderbird based fork) aim to redress that but desktop mail application still feel very… officey.

A new mail client project, called Wasiliana, aims to change that

Mail can be beautiful too

Wasiliana is specifically aimed for use with small-form-factor devices such as netbooks. “It combines the flexibility and beauty of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, with the speed and extensibility of Genie/Vala.”

The design aims to combine functionality, usability and features with a pleasing, beautiful & well thought out interface.

“I was inspired to make this as I have yet to see any mail client that really delivers on a netbook.” says Wasiliana developer Andrew on his blog, “Programs such as Anjal have gone in the right direction, but in has the hindrance of being based on bloated Evolution and trying to still use GTK widgets. I also believe current mail clients have it all wrong when it comes to design regarding contacts etc. and so I wanted an opportunity to fix this.”

Whilst the project hasn’t bolted out of the stables past the starting line just yet (the developer will be starting it after his exams) some gorgeous mock-ups and a video of a prototype demonstrate the design superbly.

Prototype of Wasiliana – ‘wasiliana’ means ‘communicate’ in Swahili

Anyone wishing to get involved can find the launchpad page @

Thanks to Andrew – and good luck in your exams!

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