A case is being made for a ‘Sent from Ubuntu’ signature to be appended to all mail sent from Ubuntu’s desktop e-mail application ‘Evolution’.

Whilst the new signature is not enabled by default right now “that should change before the end of the cycle” according to the bug report that has instigated the change.

Apple append a similar signature to mail sent from their mail clients on the iPhone and the desktop but I’m not sure what relevance informing a contact that a message has been sent from a specific operating system or device serves beyond flagrant marketing.

“This is not classy. It actually feels pompous and rude.“ ~brettcornwall

The change may have the right intentions but I think we’re all mature enough to decide what our e-mail signatures contain – ‘positive’ spam may be positive but it’s still spam nonetheless. Certainly readers of Lifehacker agree.

Thanks to Brett

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