GTG! – our favourite task manager application – has gained itself a Docky helper!

A docky helper is a small plugin that adds functionality to the dock icon when the application is open. We’ve already seen Banshee, Pidgin and Rhythmbox helpers, Zeitgeist, Liferea and torrent application Deluge have one too. Now GTG! joins the ranks of the super-helpful!

If you use the Docky PPA you’ll find this new helper coming in an update shortly. To enable it you go to Docky Preferences > Helpers > GTG! and click on the ‘enable’ button.

GTG! has to be added to your dock for it to work as well as normally GTG! skips the dock altogether. When open just right click on the GTG! clipboard icon and you’ll find a set of easy controls at your mouse-tip!

Docky gtg