Crikey on a bike! It’s another Docky post!

No, this isn’t turning into OMG! Docky! but development is quite breathtakingly fast on it so there’s always lots to tell you about…

Read All About It

Desktop RSS reader application ‘Liferea‘ has found itself some Docky love with a new helper showing you the number of unread posts on the dock icon itself.

This is the latest “helper” in Dockys’ repertoire. Other integration “helpers” currently include IM client Pidgin, spy-on-your-own-pie applications Zeitgeist and Gnome-Journal, media-players Banshee and Rhythmbox, note-taking application Tomboy, as well as a terminal option on bookmarked folders shown in the dock.

Dropbox Docklet
As i previously touched in my 2009 retrospective of Docky post a few days ago, a Dropbox docklet has been mooted for Docky. Whilst this docklet has yet to be officially approved and packaged up with Docky, it’s a great addition for Dropbox users nevertheless.

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