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gNewSense 3.1 Released, Available to Download

gNewSense may no longer be based off of Ubuntu, but the Free Software Foundation-backed Linux distribution remains an important mile-marker of progress within the open-source community.

10 February 2014

gNewSense 3 Released, Is No Longer Based on Ubuntu

Ubuntu is no longer the basis of gNewSense - a popular GNU/Linux distribution comprised entirely of free software - in its latest release.

8 August 2013

Do You Remember gOS, the Linux Distro Sold in Walmart?

For a Linux OS that made it onto the shelves of Walmart it's hard to tell what went wrong or where.

11 December 2011
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New releases of Bodhi, PC-BSD and Linux Mint

As the fresh air of Spring approaches my hemisphere it seems many Linux distros are keen to keep in sync with the fauna and flora around me by birthing themselves some new releases. As I'm a busy chap with unnatural quantities of coffee to brew here is a quick pow-pow over-view of what's blooming in Distro land....

27 February 2011
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Bodhi Linux may just be your favorite new lightweight distro

Bodhi Linux may just be the Crocodile of distro spins: Very green, really quite snappy and more powerful than you'd think at first glance...

26 November 2010