A new version of the Ubuntu-based Bodhi Linux distro has been released.

The latest version of the lightweight Linux distribution includes a modest set of changes mainly concerned with aesthetics. The main lure for users will be the foundational upgrade to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS ‘Bionic Beaver’.

“We have been happy with what the Moksha desktop has provided for some time now. This new major release simply serves to bring a modern look and updated Ubuntu core (18.04) to the lightning fast desktop you have come to expect from Bodhi Linux,” Bodhi developer Jeff Hoagland writes in his release announcement.

Bodhi Linux 5.0 is based on the latest Ubuntu long-term support release. This provides the distro with a stable, solid and sure-footed foundation, and gives users access to a swathe of the latest software and security updates for the next several years.

TheEnlightenment-based Moksha desktop has been refined further for this release. It picks up a new default wallpaper, new themes for the login and boot sequence, and a Bodhi branded version of the popular Arc GTK theme is also included.

Bodhi Linux 5.0 uses the Linux kernel 4.15 by default.

Not familiar with Bodhi?

The Bodhi Linux 5.0 desktop screenshot

Although not one of the best known Linux distribution out there, Bodhi is nonetheless one of the more interesting. It’s a lightweight, focused operating system that’s ideal for both low-end devices and more capable hardware.

The Moksha desktop provides more “bling” than you’d expect given its low system requirements

Only essential software is provided out of the box, including a terminal, web browser, text editor, and the PCManFM file manager.

The Moksha desktop environment is glossy, and provides more “bling” than you’d expect given its low system requirements.

You can also extend and tweak the Moksha desktop using “modules” (little panel applets) that can be arranged on “shelves” (the Bodhi term for desktop panels) or placed on the desktop.

It’s easy to dismiss Bodhi out of hand, assuming that its “lightweight” leanings come at the expense of functionality and usability. But it doesn’t.

For a capable Ubuntu-based OS with a unique flavour, it’s well worth checking out.

Download Bodhi Linux 5.0

As an in-place upgrade to Bodhi 5.0 is not available Bodhi 4.5.0 users can choose to stick with their current system (based on 16.04 and supported until 2021) or perform a fresh install of Bodhi 5.0.

Bodhi Linux 5.0 is available to download in 3 separate flavours:

  • Standard – 64bit, latest kernel, minimal set of apps
  • Legacy – a 32bit release using a non-PAE Linux 3.2 kernel
  • AppPack – standard release + extra themes and apps installed by default

You can grab a Bodhi Linux download direct from the official project website, or by using the buttons below:

Download Bodhi 5.0 (Standard ISO)

Download Bodhi 5.0 (Legacy ISO)

Download Bodhi 5.0 (AppPack ISO)

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